Our Story

Our Story
Our Story


Persistence and doing the right thing for the long term

“Never limit myself, leap at the opportunity when it comes.” Recalling when I started working in food service industry in my twenties, accumulated a solid foundation from as an assistant, paid attention to consumer voice while improved management efficiency, and was promoted to regional director in just two years. By chance, I entered franchising business and achieved a splendid record of annual turnover of a single store which is higher than tens of millions in 11 continuous years. The various experiences made me realize that "success" comes from challenging yourself, practice what you preach and persevere to the end.

"Love" makes future multicolored.

As the saying goes, "It is vital to put oneself in another's place". For over 20 years, with sincerity and the management of family concept, I have considered hundreds of companions as my family. I own not only the responsibility, but also the great duty to be concerned with all my partners' development and learning; in addition, I conduct the entire with love. It seems simple, but I am unwilling to be ordinary, facing myself and confronting the prospects bravely. The resolution comes after the decision; likewise, the future is in our hands.

The first T4 tea shop was established in 2004.




Be faithful and manage from heart

We always pursue the unpretentious seasoning among ingredients, and present the beauty of Taiwan food service with sincerity. And treat every partner and customer with whole heartedness, let them feel warm and comfortable. We focus on things we set out to do and stick to our chosen standards in order to be the best we can be.

T4 will bring happiness and smile to its partners, and be the strongest support for every partner; T4 is based in Taiwan, and look forward to share wonderful new Taiwanese dining experience to friends all over the world at the global stage.



We believe that moving and delicious food can connect people with happy memories. Being able to share good things with people is joyful and blessing; we know better how to share, how to learn, and how to care.And all of it starts with "a good cup of tea. "We wish our work, can drive every sincere and free heart, and bring more flavors and happiness to every one ‘s daily life.


T4 originate from「A cup of TEA FOR you」We wish all the drinks delivered to customers are all finest. The four insistences on Fresh, Fashion, Favor, and Flavor will bring customers the unsurpassed and experience of tea.


Purity & Handmade

Selected from supreme tea variety of Taiwan —"Jadeite Royal Tea", is the base of T4 novel tea series. Thanking to rigorous rolling technique of tea masters, they control temperature and humidity and hand baked tea for aroma, richness, profundity and beauty accomplished a cup of fine tea to your hand.


Vogue & Vigor

The name Tiffany has been synonymous with romance for women. T4 sets its high standards over the fine teas with the faith for preparing every cup of tea as sparkling gem.


Warm & Fine

Our partners enjoy working at T4 stores and the joyfulness makes the T4's hand-shaken brews filling with passion and happiness, which cheers every customer up at tea drinking moment.


Cozy & Relish

T4 carefully select special ingredients, for presenting lovely flavor on taste buds. We also choose liquid sugar with 25% less calories than sugar cubes. Moreover, there are various sweetness offer customers lighter and more confident choices.